Interview: Lyra Star Reclaims Her Self-Love In New Single “Broken”

With the new release of “Broken” (AVAILABLE TODAY), Lyra Star speaks with us about the creation of the single and her connection to her fans. Keep a eye out for more releases later this year!

Hey Lyra Star! So excited to be chatting with you. Tell us all about your new release!

This song is a beautiful, haunting track featuring cello, bass, drums, and piano. I think it has Lana del Ray and Tori Amos vibes, as well as a very cinematic sound. It’s dark, sad, and sexy, but it’s also about recognizing that it is sometimes better off to be alone than to let someone into your life that is going to be cruel because they are battling their own inner demons.

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new music?

I hope they will be moved by the words and be able to get lost in the ethereal, moody landscape of the music.

How do you want your relationship to be like with your fans?

I have nothing but gratitude for my fans, and I hope they always know that. I actually started doing something new this past month, where I gave shoutouts on social media to “fans of the month” so that people know how much I appreciate their support. I just want my fans to feel like they can talk to me like any other person and hope that they enjoy being on this artistic journey with me. I want to be relatable, which is why I also created an IGTV series for this release where I talk about the story behind the song, the recording process, and I did a giveaway as well (a self care bundle) for one lucky winner.  I think it’s important to give back as much as possible, and I just appreciate every person that has supported me along this path, which has been full of ups and downs.

The new single “Broken” is out today! Did you write this song? What special meaning does it hold for you?

I know, I’m so excited to finally release this beautiful track! Yes, I wrote the song. I wrote it about a more recent experience that I had with a particular individual, but when I finished writing it, I realized that, for me, it’s not just about that one guy. Multiple times throughout my life, I have fallen for the “wrong” type of person… I tend to be attracted to these dark, brooding types, rather than someone who will treat me the way that I deserve to be treated. Basically, I continue to fall for people that are in essence “broken” inside, and that’s what the song is about. As much as the song is sad, for me, it is also about recognizing that I need to let go of individuals that have so much inner darkness… I would rather spend time alone and work on loving myself than putting all of my energy into trying to help someone that in many ways can’t be helped. Unfortunately, we usually can’t help who we’re attracted to.

What do you want your message to be towards your fans? What do you want your fans to take away from your music and shows?

Even though some of my songs are moody and haunting in nature, I am also striving to paint beautiful sonic landscapes where people can get lost in the lyrics and the vibrations of the music. I also want people to know that doing what you love and following your dreams is so important because we only get this one life to live. I feel that I best communicate my experiences through song, and that’s why I will continue on this musical journey. I have nothing but gratitude for all of the highs and the lows and every single person that supports me as I continue to grow as an artist… I will continue to evolve and change along the way, and I think that is an important message as well. We as humans are constantly growing, shapeshifting, and changing, and that is the beauty of our existence on this planet.

What are your social links and where can we listen to the new release? 

All of my social links can be found on my website, but here are the links to each one here if you need them:




The new release will be live on all of the major streaming platforms (I used distrokid for the distribution), including Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.


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