Interview: Mark and the Tiger Chats About His Musical Journey

Pop Singer, Songwriter, and Lyricist Mark and the Tiger creates an infectious blend of enjoyable melodies, vulnerable lyrics, and good vibes that defies all expectations. Check out our exclusive interview down below:

Welcome Mark and the Tiger. So excited to chat with you. Your name is definitely one to remember. How did this name come about?

It’s a bit of a long story. The short version is I was obsessed with Tigers and started to use the name Mark Tiger as an alter ego of sorts. Eventually I realized I wanted to keep the tiger energy but also step out as myself. So I became Mark AND the Tiger. As I’m writing this I think I’m realizing the short version of this story just sounds lame.

It seems you’re a big yoga advocate. Would you say practicing yoga contributes to your creativity with your work?

I suppose so in the sense that it’s taught me an extraordinary number of tools to use to move through my life better. I’ver been teaching yoga for almost 10 years so at this point it’s just pretty much a part of my existence. I also really struggled with body hatred for most of my life and yoga was a way for me to find freedom in my physical form. So I definitely found some physical creativity there.

Name a few words that capture your musical sound. 

Eclectic, nostalgic, consuming.

We love your fabulous confident style. The glitter and the eyeliner look fierce! Are there any musicians or artists that inspired this look?

I definitely think I fell in love with the Jerad Leto/30 Seconds to Mars guy liner look. But mostly I just love glitter. So maybe Kesha is a big inspiration? Haha! I really dig a slightly androgynous vibe. David Bowie and Steven Tyler definitely come to mind. And Harry Styles is doing some very cool things as well.

Is there anything other than listening to music that inspires your sound?

I’m sure the answer is yes but I would have to really think about this one. I’m really word and story focused so I tend to write out my lyrics first and a melody sort of naturally comes.

What is the biggest accomplishment you’ve achieved in your music so far? 

Playing at the Whisky A Go Go was pretty spectacular. But honestly, I think the best is yet to come.

Where can we find you on social media?

The best place to find me is on IG. @markandthetiger You can also go to my website: For press inquiries:

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