Interview: Mercy Shine Aspire To Leave Their Mark With Their Music

Mercy Shine joins us once again in this exclusive interview, check it out:

Nice to have you today! Tell us about your road to success!

To always ensure that we leave the audience wanting more.

If you could be in two places at one time, everyday…where would those places be?

If I could be at two places at the same time, it would be on stage and in the studio making music.

How do you get pumped up before a big event? 

The energy building up from the audience. When you hear them chant your name, your adrenaline starts to pump and you can’t wait to hit the stage.

What is your mantra?

“Life is to short to be miserable, so have fun and live everyday of your life like it’s your last.”


Take this fun quiz to find out what song you should be listening to right now: 

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One thought on “Interview: Mercy Shine Aspire To Leave Their Mark With Their Music

  1. Love those Mercy Shine boys and their music. They have such a wonderful sound and their music is upbeat and fun. With all that is going on in this world right now, that is what people need to hear. Hope to catch them soon on stage!

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