Interview: Nazneen Inspires Hope With New Single “The New Hopefuls”

Singer-songwriter Nazneen shares her newst release “The New Hopefuls,” capturing the ways people have come together in 2020 to make a difference in each other’s lives.

Hello Nazneen, your new single is beautiful and poignant!  Please share with our reader the origins of this new song!

I wrote “The New Hopefuls,” my latest single, in May. It was inspired by the incredible kindnesses I’ve witnessed this year – people helping each other out, even though everyone is struggling. It made me realize we can do anything, if we want to and if we work together. I wanted to bottle that feeling. “The New Hopefuls” is that bottle.

What has been the greatest part of your musical journey so far? 

It was the first time I managed to get the song in my head out of my head and into other people’s ears! The song was called ‘Running Wild’, and it’s the first song of my first album. “Can’t Clip My Wings”. I haven’t stopped sharing songs since.

What do you feel is the most important part of connecting with your audience? 

The best and most important part is when a person connects with a song and it feels like their own story.

Any great fan stories you would like to share? 

A fan once sent me a translation of one of my songs in Mandarin. I hope she wasn’t expecting me to sing it in Mandarin!

What are your next steps for the new year and will your sound be evolving? 

My new album ‘Together Apart’ – which is the story of life in lockdown told in songs and stories – is coming out in November and I am focused on sharing that. I don’t know how my sound will evolve, only that it will – I just go where it takes me.

We would love to keep our readers in the loop with your exciting career.  Where are you most active on Social Media? 


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