Interview: Neoborn Caveman Inspires With His Passion For Music

Musician Neoborn Caveman relies on his pure instinct to create meaningful, yet enjoyable songs his fans can relate with. His love for music is undeniable and remains a constant in his life with new releases like “She Is Not the Girl,” and “Where Is The Direction” currently available. Stay tuned for his summer release “12 Ways of Love”!

Thank you for speaking with us! In what ways have you been able to stay inspired creatively during this time of quarantine?

My children and God. They are the key parts in my life and the unceasing inner urge to make this world into a beautiful one for each and every one of us. Well, this might sound over the top but this is the plain truth. I’ve found freedom and a great chance for all the nations to unite and show their inner capacity to embrace each other. On the surface, on the political level it seems though we’ve missed this historical opportunity to forgive, love, unite. Behind the scenes I do hope and pray the people who found themselves beyond any borders through the internet for example, they will keep their spirit and will step up and not playing the old games anymore. These are the things what gave me inspirations in these times.

“She Is Not the Girl” is a fun EDM-style track with layers of mystifying sounds. What was the creative process like?

It is interesting that this one catches so much attention all around… it’s never what you think will be the “big one”, isn’t it? You know, that I wrote in complete trance. It’s true. That time, just a few days before the song I got quite a big concussion in a very lame accident. And I got to this place, it was like a spiritual travel felt physically and in that state I got the words, the rhythm, and most importantly the vision of it and at my home studio I recorded it then I asked Kuyano from Germany for mastering.

For me the message “Who will say, who will show, what is true love?” is quite an important message in it, however, I had to listen to it more than a couple of times later on to understand it.

What’s the first thing you do when you try to discover the sound of a new song?

I listen. Silence, tranquillity, inner peace is the way for me. Sometimes I get the melody walking in the street with my baby in my hand, as it was with the upcoming summer single “12 Ways of Love”, other times I have a rhythm in me and then I add, mix poems, lyrics together for it. And it also happened that I improvised and turned out fitting by the second take. Fortunately, some of my friends and performers whom I appreciate greatly always tell me their truth when I ask them, because you know, what we hear inside and what we feel might be different for others.

What is the meaning of life for you?


That’s the ultimate answer since Douglas Adams.

On the not literature side, it’s about growing together and be more complete by living for the sake of others. The original Nature, not the city parks, is a perfect example for that, just we need to stay aware and find the deepest things we are grateful for. It is just logical -and for me visible- the life on Earth, the physical form is a training period for our soul, mind and of course our heart. We need actions to evolve, which are for the mutual prosperity, in harmony with the Nature, each other, and in ourselves.

Is there one song from another artist that’s very meaningful to you? Why?

Aside from local artists, lately there was this song “Bring home the angels” and later on “Lay down in the dark” both by Ben Lorentzen that touched my soul in some ways.

I can always cry on Pachelbel’s Canon and Giazotto’s Adagio is my alarm with Bach’s Air.

From contemporary music, I think it changes with us and I do love when genuine honesty comes out. That matters more than any production sound. Personally, I love when I feel appreciated listening to that song.

Do you have any meaningful and memorable interactions with fans who have heard your music?

Yes. One that I always recall is when a guy after a late night concert came, barely able to speak and said “I don’t know what you were singing about, but I felt it, it touched me”. That was the moment when I felt first time I can save people with music just as I had been saved in my adolescence. And there was a time when my childhood hero turned to me for inspirations. That was an indescribable feeling.

You’ve mentioned that you enjoy creating unusual rhythms in your songs using different inanimate objects. How did you first come up with this unique idea?

It was an instinct and the lack of instruments around me. The music was in me and it had to come out. My first mixtape was made in a simple two-tape player. And I’m genuinely intrigued by new sounds, discovering and inventing something just for that very moment. And when I got to learn Michael Jackson was creating each sound uniquely at the studio I felt OK. Plus, I’m a punk. 🙂

You describe your music as music for “the ones behind the rainbow and with shattered hearts.” What does this mean to you?

This world is broken. Noone else ruined it, this is our own doing. We live in the greatest of times, an era with abundant and basically free knowledge, means of communication forms, interdependence and relatively healthy. We can see each other in the world; we have a developed moral, sense of compassion and an inner desire to help the ones in need. It’s like when the clouds open and the sunlight lightens everything. There are no boundaries. Fly in any plane, you’ll see only man-made concepts. Just like the still existing class-system.

Yet, majority of the world is under duress. The agony and tragedy is unspeakable. We need to give hope them, too, the very same way as we ought to show a different answer for the very same challenging questions. That’s the main part why I am an artist.

How have you been able to attract these kind of listeners to your music?

I am a pastor, but I’m not pushing this to the community… or at least I hope I don’t… 😉

Actually, there are some avid fans, but somehow, this time in my life, even on Twitter more of them find the message.

To get to the ground from below, just like a seed, that’s where I have to help the most and maybe this interview also will be a good way to reach out more.

Did your hometown influence your decision to begin creating your own music?

Planet Earth is my hometown. Literally.

I have always felt myself an alien, but it’s hard to convince the people around about it. Unless they wear aluminium hats… 🙂

Do you remember the first time you performed live for a crowd? What was that moment like for you?

Actually, yes. I was very aware of every moment. Still feel it. But when the time came when fireballs were spinning near my head I just let it go. And that really happened.

One more thing at the end: the only truly happy and joyous song I’ve ever written, “12 Ways of Love” is coming out this summer and in that I’m laying down a plan how to make our life and this world better.

Thank you.


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