Interview: Neoborn Caveman & Mike Tyler Discuss “Keep Changing Me”

Neoborn Caveman & Mike Tyler speak with us today about their upcoming single “Keep Changing Me.” The new single won’t be available on streaming services, only in radio airplays. Stay tuned for the official music video coming out very soon and find out more about their collaboration by following them online and on Youtube!

How did you both come up with the idea of this song?

Neoborn Caveman: Actually, Mike asked me whether I could write a song for him.

Mike Tyler: Yeah, ’cause I’d done my homework on you and thought this guy must be interesting. Because of the reviews you did on #revolutiongrace and the questions you asked on the interview ( They were different and relevant.

Neoborn Caveman: And yeah, we had a good afternoon talk and I just got inspired and the very same night “Keep Changing Me” just materialized.

What does this release mean for you?

Mike Tyler: It’s everything. It means the world. You’ve taken your time to write something for me; to stretch out, across the world to do something artistic in my world.

Neoborn Caveman: What shall I say? I’m literally honoured because you have a great personality and as I got to know you more and more, you are an awesome artist with a fantastic voice who can really deliver and enough humble to listen to the composer. And as a songwriter, now, I’m feeling somewhere in between Led Zeppelin and Ed Sheeran.

How do you hope listeners will feel after listening to your new song?

Mike Tyler: Moved. I think the song is uplifting. The song is tragic ‘cause he lost something what it was and ready to make changes – but for people sometimes it’s an easy option to go back instead of doing something else.

A lot of the times a relationship break down for a reason and if you go back it’s just repeating itself.

Neoborn Caveman: Absolutely. On the surface it is a sad song as you say: tragic, however, it is absolutely not. It is about taking your guts, yourself. Believe in and respect yourself. Utilize that very same energy pushing you down to re-create your very own surroundings by admitting you are worthy and you can do more than it was before.

Therefore, the chorus part is almost like a prayer: please just let me be a change more and more to grow.

Let’s the talk about the music video!

Neoborn Caveman: We’ve just made one as we speak, haven’t we? Filmed in England…

Mike Tyler: Yes, Shoreham. The bridge of flowers. Where the airshow happened.

Neoborn Caveman: We were trying, actually, Tyler was trying to depict an era of storytelling with flashbacks and an actual feeling we all experience in our lives.

Mike Tyler: And it was bloody cold as well. I have to say this.

What are your hurdles in music and what are your dreams?

Mike Tyler: Until now, my musical hurdles were living without Melody, my spouse. Now, she is standing behind me no matter what I say or ask her in music and I feel free. In a way, the song “Keep Changing Me” is about this: if she wasn’t I wouldn’t be doing this now. I gave up singing for 5 years because of a relationship. And that’s the worst thing, because if you take out music from a person that changes him completely. But now she makes me flourishing. She really is a wonderful person.

Neoborn Caveman: Wow, that’s deep. And I totally hear you and understand when you say giving up music for a reason we shouldn’t – it is really killing one part of us inside. I’ve been there and honestly, I’m just so grateful that I’m alive again and full of energy and creativity. Although, I can only speak about my kids, who are the best supporters and most honest critics and you know, I also really felt to show them there is a way even when you are under rock bottom, to alter the reality by hard work, decency and loving with actions. So, this song is to be more accepted – or accepted at all. For me.

Which artists had a big influence on you?

Mike Tyler: All my artists were misfits. Freddie, Prince, Bowie. All misfits. Then rose to the top with determination without caring too much what others were thinking of them.

Neoborn Caveman: Yeah, it’s hard to tell. For me, the whole person is more important than the character of his or her as a musician. I only can relate to honest and genuine people who are not diving into self-indulgence. So, for sure, Bowie is someone I would love to hang out with, maybe not right now, but over there, when the time comes. I love Bon Jovi, people might ridicule him, I think, he just got to be one of the most honest songwriter lately and despite everything he is still doing it. And yeah, would love to play blues with Bach.

Can you tell something most people don’t know about you?

Mike Tyler: Oh, God. What people don’t know about me? I can’t play guitar, but they know that. I don’t know.

Neoborn Caveman: So you are saying, you are an open book…

Mike Tyler: Pretty much so, yeah. I can’t think of anything what can be said in public.

Neoborn Caveman: Now, I’m an easier position, because Neoborn Caveman was just born not so long ago. And I like keeping the enigma, and for sure, if someone asks I’ll always speak the truth but I feel now completely new on this planet and I pretty much feel I’m an alien as I also feel alienated so often, too. But yeah, maybe most people don’t know, I composed classicals and sang classicals, too. I love bel canto.

How do you see your career in 5 years?

Mike Tyler: 5 years is a long time to me. Enjoy the time, being happy singing songs. Hopefully, in 5 years I can look back and say: “yeah, that was good.”

Neoborn Caveman: You know, in 5 years I wanna tour with you!

Mike Tyler: Yeah, that would be cool!

Neoborn Caveman: And also would love to talk to more people when we are travelling; listen to them, hear them and learn from them. We are more united if we recognize and accept each other’s uniqueness and differences. The beauty is in every one of us, all the time. Just the right actions are needed to make this whole life better even for us and especially for the ones coming after. And I would like to have true joy.

Thank you for your time to be with us today. Is there any message you’d like to say at the end?

Neoborn Caveman: There is more to come! Even in China and the “Southwest Congregation of African Tribal Crickets” are already practising the chorus part of the song. So listen and sing along the lyrics video (we will release the full music video later one), and share your story in the comments, we’d love to read them!

Mike Tyler: Indeed! And in addition – just to give some hints -, we are already working on the next songs, completely different ones and who knows, come to England, and you’ll have a chance to hear them live!



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