Interview: New York Rapper SK Confidently Shares His Music With Those Who Will Listen

Check out our interview with NY rapper SK paving his way through the music industry with his electrifying new singles. We discuss, his top influences, new music, and upcoming surprises!

Thank you for speaking with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers! 

I’m sk which stands for street knowledge real name Shawn like jay n puff lol

Throughout your IG you show images of yourself and people who buy your mixtapes off the streets of New York. What motivated you to start doing this? 

Well I love connecting with people and showing my talents in person gives my costumers a personal feel so all my followers feel like they know me for real.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about music while doing this and connecting with your community?

Never judge a book by its cover a lot of people you think are not into hip hop really are and there waiting for an insider view so they embrace what I’m doing

Let’s talk about your latest single “Cash Out.” What were the vibes like when you were spitting your bars in the studio and later on producing it?

Well the beat just makes you so excited it made me feel confidently down I just told the truth which always works lol

“Cash Out” goes hard from start to finish. Will there ever be an extended version available for fans who really showed love to this track?

Yea I’m leaving space for maybe some of my favorite peers to jump on it I know it’s a smash record

What inspired you to start creating your own music?

I was inspired by my older brothers who loved hip hop in da early 90z which made me intrigued to impress them then it just took off

When creating your brand as an artist, what’s the first thing you want a new listener to know about you? 

I want them to know I’m fearless and ready also to know that my songs are filled with lyrics never watered down to fit an image.

Which New York artists have influenced your journey as an artist?

50 cent
Dip set
Rocafella as a whole
Max-b Jim Jones

Are you currently working on new single releases or an album?

Yea I got a new single out called super saiyan it’s on all streaming platforms also another called “vergeta” coming soon and I got the “Cash Out” EDM remix produced by Ike Jackson with the animated music video this summer from the Stepbrother Soundtrack.

We’re almost halfway through the year, what do you hope to accomplish by the end of 2020?

Just hoping to get threw all this madness safe and healthy and get back to life as we knew it right now is a difficult time and we’re all in this together so my prayers go to families who have lost and will lose so many to this pandemic.

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