Interview: Nick Johnson & Justine Blazer Discuss “Done Done Done” Coming This Friday

Artists Nick Johnson & Justine Blazer discuss their collaborative new single “Done Done Done” coming this Friday, November 13. Join in as they go against the people in their worlds who disguise themselves as people who want the best for them when in reality they don’t. Read our interview down below:

Where are you both from and where are you currently located?

Nick: I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY.  I’ve been living in Nashville for the past six years.

Justine: I am originally from Detroit, MI but have been living in Nashville for 9 years.

Where was the “Done Done Done” single recorded? 

Justine: It was recorded at my studio Ten7Teen Studios in Nashville, TN.

Great vibe on this song! Are you both writers and how did this collar originate?

Nick: Yes we are both writers. We started working on my new music and I thought we really gotta do one together! I asked Justine if she was down and we were off and writing.

Justine: I was honored to be asked.

What’s the story behind the lyrics?

Nick: This business has many interesting people in it and some are not so nice. There are some people who disguise themselves as your friends or business partner and in reality they’re not! Writing lyrics for this was cathartic because I’ve lived it. I know Justine has as well.

Justine: I was working with a record label owner and publicist but it turned out this person was a bad seed. Made my life very stressful. They were very dishonest and shady. I cut ties. Then I felt inspired to channel my experience into this song. Nick has similar experiences as well.

Best thing to happen to each of you this year?

Nick: Recording new songs for me has been so important to keeping me on point. Watching them come to life and getting ready to release them is such a gift! I went from playing 200 plus shows a year to not playing at all!  So to say I’m chomping at the bit is an understatement.

Justine: For me, I got invited to be a member of The recording Academy and become a GRAMMYS voter.

If each of your lives was a song, what would the title be?

Nick: Don’t Stop Get It, Get It!

Justine: Breaking that Glass Ceiling

The greatest thing about being an independent artist?

Nick: Doing what you want to do. Being creative in a way that speaks to you and your soul.

Justine: Having the freedom to do what I want, be as creative as I want to be and not have to answer to anyone!

The most challenging thing about being an independent artist?

Nick: Pushing yourself into new situations and maintaining/building relationships. Of course money is always a factor. Nothing happens without that.

Justine: Wishing sometimes I had a major label budget! Having that large amount of money for promotion and advertisement.

What platforms are you each most active on? Please share links! 



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