Interview: NYC Rapper Mari Baby Is Building His Own Legacy Starting With New Single “WATER”

NYC Rapper Mari Baby knows what it takes to make it in the music industry. As he releases more new singles, he’s seen how his music has built up a fanbase way past his hometown of New York. Check out our interview on his new music and upcoming projects!

What does your artist name Mari Baby mean to you? 

My first name was Mari Keo, I changed it after because I didn’t like it you can say Mari comes from my actual name. I added baby to the end of it

In 2018, you began releasing new singles like “Range Rover” & “Sorry.” Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?

LL cool J, Jay Z, T-PAIN and many more artists that was coming out during that era inspired me to get onboard with my music craft growing up as kid from poverty

How would you describe your music?

I would describe it as something you would like to listen to it cause the music I write comes from my heart

Which artists inspire you to continue creating music?

None I do this for my fans and myself as an Artist

How did you get connected with Bentley Records as an artist? 

While I had reached out to them for some label services, nothing major and I had them release a song for me

How has their collaboration changed the music game for you?

They help me chase my goals as artist and not to give up and keep grinding and yeah I got a list of mainstream artist I can do songs with but I wish I had the funds

What is your creative process when creating new music?

Looking for a fire beat and freestyling a Lil bit so I can feel the groove

What’s one thing you’ve learned about the music industry since you began releasing your own music? 

You got to have a lot of money & some patience. Rome wasn’t built overnight

Are you working on any new projects?

Yeah I got an EP on the way and some more fire singles

What advice would you give to aspiring rappers who haven’t released any music yet?

You don’t need a label, just build your own fanbase and you’ll make a lot of money


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