Interview: Olivia King To Release “Old Soul” On The 15th!

Olivia King is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and entrepreneur from Warwick, Rhode Island, about to release her sentimental new single “Old Soul.” Not only is she creating music for herself, Olivia is also the founder and CEO of Make Music Moves, an online course that teaches independent artists how to be successful in the music industry.

Read our interview down below:

Great to have you here. Please tell us about yourself and your latest endeavor!

I’ve had a really different year musically. If you compare my music from last year to this year, you’ll see a huge difference. Last year, I focused my writing a lot on situations and relationships of the past. This year, I decided to write about everything I’m feeling right now. I thought it was important to create music this year that people could really relate to. We are going through a lot this year and I want people to know I’m right there with them.

I have a new single dropping on 10/15 called “Old Soul” and I’m really excited to share that with you as my last single of 2020 before my holiday release. “Old Soul” is a song where I feel like my supporters will really get to know me not only as an artist but as a person.

Early riser or 2am just getting to bed?

I am definitely a night owl. I have never been a morning person. The music industry hours are so strange but I’m glad they are because my schedule is late-night as well!

Everyone loves a winner. What do you think it takes to be one?

Consistency and hard/smart work! You never hear someone say, “I worked my ass off and never got anywhere.”

How has ART changed your life?

ART is my outlet. I’m so lucky to have music in my life as a real therapy for me. Going through breakups, pandemics, you name it, music has helped me through that.


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