Interview: Passion Days Keeps Nostalgic Memories Close In “Do You Recognize Yourself In These Pictures?”

Passion Days rises from the depths of Oswego, New York to share his newest EP Do You Recognize Yourself In These Pictures? filled with nostalgic moments that define who he is today. Join us as we speak about the release and his favortie songs off the EP!

Thank you for speaking with us! Passion Days flows so naturally – how did you decide on choosing this as your artist name?

I use “Passion Days” as a stand-in for glory days, I started writing music in my “glory days” and felt the name sounded nice! I had originally planned to use “Passion Daze” as a name but it didn’t stick.

Congratulations on the release of Do You Recognize Yourself In These Pictures?! What was the process like when you were creating the album?

I had the lyrics for the songs on this EP written before-hand and had planned it a few months in advance! I added the guitar work afterwards and built my melodies around it. I wanted to capture the nostalgia that I feel about growing up and hanging out with my old friends. My main focus creating this project was to convey the emotion in a way that others would feel it too!

How did you decide on the EP title?

The title comes from a stack of fading polaroid pictures of my friends and I. I’m asking them if they recognize themselves despite how much we’ve changed and grown in these years since those pictures were taken.

Which song off the EP is your favorite and why?

“Are You Proud of Me” is definitely my favorite from this EP, I have a big attachment to the lyrics and emotion put into this song! The song holds two meanings to me, asking my friends and family if they’re proud of me for finally pursuing my dreams and asking myself if I’ll ever be proud of what I do. I struggle during my creation process a lot and start to think things like “is this really worth it?” or “what’s the point in trying?” and wanted to capture that in this song.

Is there any song on the EP that has an interesting origin story as to how it came together?

The lyrics for “Tell Me, Tell Me” were actually recorded in a garage, I got inspired to finish this song and wanted the vocals done fast, it took a lot of editing to make the vocals sound good but it worked!

What does music mean to you?

Music serves as an outlet for me, I’m not very vocal about my problems in person but I use my songs as a way to get it out. I feel as if other musicians have definitely saved my life and I want to be that to somebody else. I want people to hear my music and relate and know that they’re not alone in their struggles.

Which artists have influenced you through your musical journey?

Definitely Young Culture, Have Mercy, Dearh Cab For Cutie. Those are just a few but they mean a lot to me and have seriously influenced me.

What’s the first thing you do when you begin creating a new song?

I always write my lyrics first! I usually decide my song structure and then write lyrics based on it, singing them in my head so I know how they’re going to work!

Who are your favorite artists at the moment?

I really, really like Movements, Knuckle Puck and Young Culture at the moment!

Which song has the most memorable story for you? Whether it’s the writing process, recording sessions or release of the song. 

Definitely “Bleed For You.” This was my first released song and the feeling of achievement after releasing it is something I will never forget. I finally felt like a real musician after putting this one together!

Are you currently working on any new projects?

I am! I’m working on some LoFi stuff currently and I’m excited for the world to hear it, it’s gonna be awesome!

Are there any specific elements you like to throw into your songs?

I like to have repeating themes! Polaroid pictures are a common theme in my lyrics and I mention feeling lost as a theme in a few of my songs. I also use reverb a lot to capture this feeling as if you’re in the same room as me, listening to me perform.

For our final question, we’d like to know what motivates you?

My main motivation is knowing that other people have heard the music I create. It makes me extremely happy when somebody says “Hey, that’s a good song! I’m growing and getting better with each song I write and I’m able to convey the emotions that I feel in a form of art that other people can enjoy.


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