Interview: Phoebe Silva Instinctively Pursues Her Passions

Phoebe Silva creatively keeps her schedule busy while sharing her most innate talents. Read more about her musical journey and interests here:

Thank you for being with us!  Where are you based and where would you say your fan base is?

Thanks for having me! I’m based in Los Angeles. I suppose most of my fan base is here in California as well, though I’ve lived and toured all over the US and Canada so maybe there are some folk all around who might be into what I do.

What would you never apologize for? 

I am a recovering chronic apologizer!! I used to apologize for everything all the time. I’m working on not apologizing for taking up space. In general, I would never apologize for being honest. That’s very important to me.

Who is your HERO and what does a HERO mean to you?

I’m not much for hero worship though I do have some creative role models for sure… Patti Smith is one of them. I love how her art has always been inspired by reflecting on her own influences. I love how she has always used art to speak truth to power. That she has always lived and created solely on her own terms and has become an icon for doing so. A hero, to me, is someone who emulates qualities and perspectives that we admire, value, and endeavor to embody. I tend to gravitate towards creative female trailblazers.

What exotic location would you most like to visit or perform when COVID is finally over?

Oh MAN. There are so many places I haven’t been yet. I want to tour Europe. Visit Japan. Indonesia. South America. I haven’t traveled at all during the pandemic, what I will likely do first is reconnect with friends and family in other states.

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How do you juggle the day job and the dream career, or are they one and the same?

I’ve been working towards merging what I do to earn a living and what I do for passion. Currently I’m teaching music lessons to pay the bills. I used to make money for playing live sessions and making art, though a lot of opportunities have temporarily dried up due to the pandemic. I had a day job that was completely separate from my artistic career for many years and I found it so difficult to manage both. I just was so drained from punching the clock that it was really difficult to stay creatively motivated. Now that I’m self-employed I can juggle both more effectively, and teaching is fulfilling, though I’m still working towards making music and art full time. It’s like having three full time careers and I’m the boss of all of them, which presents it’s own set of challenges, but when you love the work you do it’s so much easier to hustle because you set your own priorities. Now what’s difficult for me is juggling work with self-care and leisure…


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