Interview: Ples and Alba Release Alluring New Single “Te Tengo” & Quarantine Inspired Single “Distance”

DJ Ples Jones teams up with Alba Santos once again during this time of quarantine to share their love of music. Their latest singles, “Te Tengo” and “Distance,” gives us new music to enjoy this year! Read more of our interview on their music down below:

What inspired you to pursue music? 

I play the sax in high school and was always thinking of different versions of songs in my head. It was introduced to a sampling Keyboard my senior year. I feel in love with it, started doing sampled remixes haha It was that moment I realized that I wanted to be a producer.

As a DJ and Producer, how did you first discover your musical sound?

I first found my musical sound in 1990, when the song Nite & Day came out by Al B Sure! His producer was Kyle West, and he was a pioneer of a layered sound using multiple instruments that was lush, and a sexy vibe. It was unique at the time, and I molded my production style behind that. If you listen to any of those songs now, they are timeless. That has always been my goal.

What makes your music unique? How would you describe it?

My music is unique because I fuse a lot of different genres together and give it a 90s feel that is modern. I am a hopeless romantic so my music is very passionate. I would describe my sound as Deep, Electronic, Lush, Sexy and soulful with a funky twist to it.

“Te Tengo” is your latest release together. How did this single come together?

Yes! Well at that time, Alba was very busy with her singing career and she had taken a new contract in Sri Lanka, so it was difficult to reach her and for her to make time to work on new material. So I needed to get her attention. She had liked my music before and actually she appeared on my Album Sounds of the Mind” September 2019, “Tiene que boca” a spanish RnB track. Again she was very busy, and I needed to inspire her to write again. So i got into the zone, imagined a club type vibe that was heavy on the electronic side, that would grab your attention and oozed sexiness LOL and she loved it! Once I heard the lyrics, I knew she had totally immersed herself in the song, because it was more than just lyrics, it was a story.

What was the writing and production process like?

Literally relying on the internet. Alba is currently in Sri Lanka, For “Te Tengo,” I create all my music in Reason 10, it is my workhorse. then i sent an Mp3 over to her, and she listened, loved it and started to write. After a few days, she came back with a rough draft sends it back Mp3, and i listen and give my feedback. Once we both agree on the structure, ( alba is blessed with making incredible melodies and song structure) She also is so very good at telling a story in her songs, And “Te Tengo” turned into a full length story! There were two preludes that gave the back story behind the song. It was so fun and amazing. Then, She goes into the studio and records it. She then sent it back to me to mix and I use Logic Pro X for that, with Waves plugins. Then I will send edits back to her for her to critique until we agree on the overall sound. Normally, I also master my own tracks (distance ) but this one we paid an engineer to do because we knew it would be a hit.

Are you planning on creating a music video?

One is already done! It is amazing ! She put together a team of actors and found an amazing videographer down there who has great vision, and she did it under a very low budge and in 8 hours! We also made 2 prelude videos telling the back story to the song. When you see, it you will see it is just a good as a 10K budget.

What has been the best moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

“Te Tengo.” It truly was a labor of love. How it all came together, the vibe, the lyrics, the video. Just amazing. All the hard work and the final music video was so satisfying. But now “Distance” is here. And we are realizing that this song is much bigger than the quarantine and bigger than us. Its a universal song of love and support.

What artists inspire you to create music?

As a producer, my influences are Darhyl Camper Jr, (H.E.R.) Robinson Bailey, (Summer Walker) Rober Glasper, Emawk, Ye Ali, The Isley Brothers, Prince, & Cardiak.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you! Other than keep your eyes and ears on us, we have some amazing music coming out! and I have 3 other vocalist that will be releasing over the summer! Exceptional Music!



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