Interview: Rapper HOLLYWOOD Drops New EP

Check out this dope interview with rapper Christian Hollingworth, well known as Hollywood!

Welcome! Where does the artistic name HOLLYWOOD come from?

WELL!! The name Hollywood really started when I was a kid. They felt it made me upset but really it was a way to bully me. I took that shit and turned it into something. Alma wasn’t a school for color folks at the time but shit change down the road.

Tell us a little bit of your story.

I really didn’t have alot growing up parents always drinking always fighting pretty rough life. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody but I had to get off my ass and turn myself into something. I come from Alma, Arkansas but I starting my career in Van Buren ,Arkansas they show real love.

Who are your biggest influence in music?

Kanye West and Kevin Gates – they keep it real.

What can people expect from your new upcoming album?

Man, really a bunch of features man I got my boy venemous on a few songs already. I just dropped the EP but 2021 we popping.

How is the ‘rap’ scene in Arkansas?

Man there’s so much talent I fuk with all the artists in my state. We got signed artist bankroll Freddie with QC we’ve been popping.

What is the key to grow so fast as you have right now?

A lot of perseverance and motivation.

Where people can listen to your music?

Spotify, Youtube, Amazon, Apple Music, also follow me on Facebook @Christian Hollingworth & Instagram @Hollingworthchristian

Final words to your fans and upcoming new ones?

I’m just misunderstood and I really want you guys to give me a chance and listen to the things that come up my mouth because I love all you guys!


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