Interview: Royce DeZorzi Releases “Denver”

Singer-songwriter Royce DeZorzi releases his debut album introducing a solo instrumental acoustic guitar in a folk/americana picking style. Read our interview to learn more about this upcoming artist and to listen to the release of “Denver”:

Congratulations on the release of “Denver”! Why did you decide to use this as your album title?

The album was recorded over the summer at my house in Denver during a time when I was preparing to relocate and felt like reminiscing a little bit on my time here and all the relationships I’ve cherished and learned from. 

What was your favorite part of the process of creating the entire release?

Recording the songs in my home studio was a blast. Sitting down in front of a microphone every day, just grooving for a while, then cutting out the best parts was how a lot of the songs came together and I love working that way. 

Which song on the album would you recommend listeners listen to first and why?

I’m fortunate to have an album that’s easy to listen to but is not easy listening music. I think you can listen to them in any order and still get the experience of the music but I ordered the tracks in a way that feels natural to me. 

Looking at the song titles, it’s evident your life experiences inspired your songs. What goes into the process of bringing an idea in your mind into a full-length song?

I name a tune after the feeling I get from it. Songs will always be there, ready to pour out. I get a feeling and then I play that feeling and the name of the song is in there. 


What differentiates your music from any other folk singer-songwriter out there?

I don’t know a lot of people in the various folk-spheres. I’ve been doing my own thing and there’s a lot of sounds I’m excited to move towards but more than anything I’m looking forward to collaborating with different voices. Some people I’ve been digging into recently include Sarah Louise, Daniel Bachman, Tashi Dorji, and Sekou Keita. I heard about them all after I finished the record and was finally doing some internet research to hear who’s out there in solo guitar land. 

Which artists or individuals/situations in your life influenced the creation of “Denver”?

A couple of past relationships led me to the feelings that inspired a lot of the songs but my mother influenced the album more than anything. She’s always helped me to find clarity and to learn self-guidance through difficult situations. We’ve always been close. I haven’t always listened to her (what eventually turns out to be savage advice,) but I was dealing with a medical situation that brought us together during the time the album was recorded and at its core the music was based in the feelings of reverence, gratitude, and love for my mother. Let alone my older brother, who is the reason I play guitar. His presence has been with me continuously through this album, and while almost every song was played on my Collings, “Denver” was improvised completely on my brother’s Simon & Patrick parlor cutaway. He’s there with me on that song. I’m forevermore a Simon & Patrick/ Godin man, which is to honor my brother Alex. 

Tell us about your favorite song on this album. 

“Denver” is special to me because of my brother’s involvement and “Reseda” was cathartic because the performance captured how I felt when I live in Reseda. There was a lot of uncertainty, exhaustion from overwork, and resulting stress that broke me down a few times. That’s why I left Los Angeles and came back to Denver for a bit. 

Is there anything you discovered about yourself and your creativity while in the process of creating this album?

Healing is available at all times and can take many forms. You are a spirit in the body. Your body will not always do what you ask. And your days on this earth are numbered. Music doesn’t come from a guitar or from your body but your spirit gets imbued in your guitar over time so unless you really don’t like your guitar, don’t sell it. 

Did you have 16 songs as the set amount you wanted to release or did you have more available?

Oh, a lot more available! 

What are your hopes with the release of “Denver”?

To hit the road and heal the world with my string fingers. 

Will you be going on tour anytime soon?

Absolutely, I’m planning a tour for November/December. 

What’s coming up next for you Royce?

Live shows, explorations, and collaborations. My band Sun Girl is currently locked in a dungeon full of loose cassette tape and magnets. We’re planning to do a live record next year. 


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