Interview: Sharmila Discusses Her Self Titled Album & Announces Second Album “DNA Damage”

Rising artist Sharmila shares her self titled album filled with fan favorites “Burning For You,””Respect Your Body” and popular single, “DNA Damage.” The future looks bright for Sharmila as she gears up to finish her second album and release more personal and high tempo Pop songs.

Check out our interview where we discuss her album Sharmila:

Thank you so much for speaking with Music Trails! Please tell us more about your single “DNA Damage” and what inspired you to write and produce it.

I wrote the song in 2010 or 2011 after something happened to me in 2007, but even after that they caused me some serious DNA Damage! It’s also the title of my 2nd album i’ve been working on.

Your self-titled album Sharmila speaks on a variety of topics including body positivity, love, and relationships. What do you hope listeners feel when they listen to your music?

On my album ‘Sharmila’ are songs that i wrote in the past from my early years until 2011. I couldn’t release it sooner. I hope listeners will feel good when they listen to my music, that my message will reach them in a positive way.

What influenced you to start sharing your music?

In my childhood i was always busy listening to music and dancing until i couldn’t stop, so this is just a natural process i think.

There’s high energy and slowed down instrumentals found all over your album. How would you categorize your sound?

I always love uptempo songs where you can dance on and you can hear influences from 80s and 90s pop music.

Which one of your releases is your favorite and why?

“DNA Damage” is my favorite because the song is more a reflection of the artist i am today. It’s a personal song and also will be the title of my 2nd album.

Our personal favorite, “Guess I Was A Fool” combines an inspiring sense of confidence and calming sounds. What was the process like for you when you were putting the together?

I wanted to create something different than i usually do, a pop rock song.

How have you developed your sense of songwriting or has it always come naturally for you?

It always came naturally. Lyrics often pop up in mind along with a melody.

“Burning For You” also includes an uptempo remix that intensifies the original release. How did this remix come together?

Just wanted to make a remix, because i thought at the time it would be more danceable to play in the clubs.

What has been your fans’ reactions to hearing both versions?

I don’t know actually, but the club-mix is more known.

It’s 2020! What can fans expect from you this year?

My 2nd album release for ‘DNA Damage’ same as the single title was planned for late 2019, so it was delayed. I’ve been working on the album with new songs i wrote in 2018 and 2019 with a new sound.
But now with the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions that goes along with it, i think i have to put my music on hold for now. I would have loved performing in different countries, but when i feel like the world is under attack i have to put it on hold..

When I look back at the last few years I’m grateful that I performed in the US, opened for boyband O Town in 2018 and that I worked with an amazing producer in 2019 for my 2nd album. And of course I’m grateful for the listeners who are listening to my songs.


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