Interview: Singer-songwriter Nicki Kris Discusses New Podcast “Mixing It With Nicki Kris” & Newest Single Release

The award-winning singer-songwriter Nicki Kris joins us to discuss her current endeavors in the music business, including the books she recommends to any reader. Her current release “Is This Love” is available now! Get to know Nicki Kris in our exclusive interview:

Hi Nicki! Great to have you here today!

I’m excited to be here! Thanks for the opportunity.

We heard that you have a new podcast, “Mixing It With Nicki Kris” how did that come about? 

This has actually been a long time in the making. The founder of Word Of Mom Radio Dori DeCarlo and I started talking about the possibility of my own show over a year ago. I’d been a guest on their ‘Music Monday’s’ segment a couple of times and Dori and I really connected. Since I’d also been a guest host on various other podcasts over the years, the thought of hosting my own show, wasn’t that big of a stretch. As a mom and an advocate for women in the music business creating a show that provides women in the music and entertainment industry an avenue for the industry to showcase their talents on a network that is committed to empowering Mompreneurs and Business Women is a match made in heaven.

What do you see as the most important habits of successful people?

I’m a big fan of Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits as well as Colin Powell’s, 13 Rules of Leadership some key habits that I look for are: Ability to listen, able to accept constructive criticism, willingness to compromise, being able to work with others, taking time for oneself (recharging is good!), taking care of yourself (exercise, eating right), being on time, and continued learning.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Oh, tough question. Aside from “buy Google stock” and invest in Bitcoin, I’d tell myself to take piano lessons, go to school in New York City, follow my dreams even if that means upsetting the apple cart, and become a blonde a whole lot sooner!

When do you feel the most victorious? 

When I’ve finished writing a song that gives me goosebumps.

What has been the biggest game-changer in your career thus far?

It’s a tie between having several sync placements on TV and kicking off my own radio show. I wouldn’t be where I am today without those early Dance Mom’s TV show placements. They provided an avenue for this unknown artist to be seen and heard at a global level. Those placements have afforded me an opportunity to have my own radio show, which is a game-changer in and of itself as it allows me to help promote other women in the music and entertainment fields. The response over these past few months since its launch has been so amazing, I’m excited to see how far we can take it.

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be and why? 

Thirty Seconds to Mars – Jared Leto is amazing! Since I’ve written several songs inspired by the band, a killer duet would have to be on the table and I think our voices would pair very nicely. I’d also want to perform for a fan base that’s equally amazing and the Echelon always makes you feel like family.

How would you describe the music you typically create? 

A blend of pop and rock with lyrical themes that entice the listener and encourage your own interpretation of the song. I don’t like to follow traditional songwriting formats and you’ll certainly hear that in my music.

Please tell our readers what platforms you are most active on and how they can follow you! 

I’m most active on Twitter and Instagram.Twitter: @nickikris Instagram: @nickikris

My website is in case you want to sign up for my newsletter! Facebook: @nickikrismusic

Thank you for your time! 

Thanks so much for having me!

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