Interview: TAMER Speaks With Us About The Special Release “Verbrannt”

TAMER candidly speaks about his emotions in his single “Verbrannt” accompanied by a romantic new music video. We spoke about everything from to the release of “Verbrannt” to his plans of releasing music in the upcoming year. Read our interview down below:

Thank you for sharing your single “Verbrannt” with us! How are you feeling about sharing this single with the world?

It is indescribably nice that I can talk about my single “Verbrannt“ with meaning “Burned“ because I still know exactly how this song was created and it should really only remain personal and secret. But I am very relieved and happy that I published it.

Please break down your new single for us. What’s it all about?

This single means so much to me because a lot of incredibly important things have come together in one.

It is a text that was written by me, out of real feelings, about my ex-relationship, it is my second mother tongue so German and it shows my very emotional side, which I rarely talk about. And some of my most important people and my family play a role in my music video.

How do you hope listeners feel when they listen to this song?

For me it is first of all a kind of outbreak full of emotions and maybe even a kind of processing of my feelings through it.

The visuals are very romantic as well as heartbreaking. What inspired you when you first started creating the idea for the visuals?

My own feelings…

Since I wrote the lyrics myself and partly in tears because I couldn’t sleep at night and continued to work on the text with candlelight, there was no question of whether I would write the script for the music video myself.

The accident scene in the music video is just one of many other reasons why you may not be able to get together again with your love. So everyone should be able to decide for themselves why that person can no longer be with his love.

And when I decided to release this song, my thoughts were to be a support to people who have really loved, are hurt and have never turned their back on true love, but at the same time to those who believe in love and just like me. Seeing it as a blessing to really fall in love, even if it is not always easy or difficult.

What’s the first thing you do when you begin creating a new song?

I don’t have many lyrics that I could make an album currently because everything I’ve written so far is from real emotions and experiences.

Let’s see where the journey goes.

Since you’re originally from Germany, what has been your experience sharing your music in America?

I have quite a few listeners when i see the streaming results and read YouTube comments, but I haven’t been to America myself, so maybe a big surprise awaits me at some point.

At the moment, are there any artists/albums that regularly inspire you?

There are a lot of artists I admire, but who I listen to a lot these days is Ed Sheeran.

Do you go to one specific place when you start writing your music? How important is the location where you write your lyrics for you?

The fact is that there is no specific place for it, but I really have to feel like I am not being watched and most of the time it is rather at night when I have written these emotional lyrics.

What’s the best and most challenging parts of creating a new song?

I find it fascinating how I write my dreams and thoughts and then sang them in the studio. It’s like a dream that you can touch, when you hear it in the end. And the chorus has been the most work for me I have to say.

How would you define being successful as an independent artist?

Knowledge is power 🙂 I started in a band and mostly had to look good, dance and sing. In the meantime, however, I’ve also developed a great deal of interest in how it all works in the background. Which processes are strategically important when and how. Of course you never stop learning, but I can say that I am smarter than at the beginning.

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Do you have any new releases planned for this year?

This year we’re going into the new year with “Verbrannt“ 🙂 I’m planning a new single in the new year.

What has been the best moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

There are many moments that are unforgettable for me. But most of all it makes me proud that I still have the fans by my side when I started making music in 2011.

Where do you see your career headed in the next 5 years?

I’m hoping for a tour with lots of dancers and a captivating show that I can deliver for my Fans.

For our final question, we’d like to know what motivates you?

Every time I listen to music that I like, I see myself in the video clip and that’s nice 🙂

I just like to sing and dance my life and that gives me the right claim to get better and better. And thanks to my listeners and viewers, I can hopefully get a lot of support and of course take on new challenges.


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