Interview: Walker’s Cay Reveal The Cool Meaning Behind Their Name & Share Their Newest Releases “Tell Me” & “Why Oh Why”

The Toronto-based band Walker’s Cay is one cool band. Together, they create entertaining music filled with tons of bursts of inspiration, jaw-dropping guitar solos, and unique lyricism most often seen in their newest songs “Tell Me” and “Why Oh Why.”

Check out our interview to read more about their journey, creation of their songs and what’s to come in the future.

Thank you for joining us! What are you most looking forward to this year?

GL: We are looking forward to everyone getting (and staying) healthy this year with this virus happening all around the world. Once we can get a handle on all of this, we would really like to be out touring.

Your band name comes from an island in the Bahamas that your very own Gary LaBarr discovered. What was it about the name that made you all want to stick with it?

GL: I really think that it was the love of the island at first. Such beauty! It was such a haven for inspiration, and thus wow, what a name for a band! (Not to mention the “mystique” about the name)!

With all of the recent changes affecting musicians everywhere, how have you been able to keep your connection with your fans going?

GL: Yes we have, (or have been trying to)!  Mike Swain has been pounding away 24/7 to keep up on all of our social media right now. He is the “guru” in charge of all of that!

Let’s talk about your latest singles “Tell Me” and “Why Oh Why.” What was your favorite part about recording these songs?

GL: The snacks! Only kidding, (even though we loved the pop and licorace treats)! I think the best aspect of the recording process was the fact that we did not actually have any time limitaions regarding the EP project from our record label, etc. Plus, we were in a very relaxed friendly environment in Mike Swain’s home where the entire recording process took place.

Are there any specific elements you like to throw into your songs?

GL: Yes! Good stong melodic melodies, and very powerful chorus lines.

There’s an epic guitar solo in “Tell Me” by Mike Swain. How long did it take you to perfect a sound like this?

MS: Perfecting my sound? Does anyone EVER do that? Ha! I am STILL trying to perfect my sound! That process is the continuation of experimentation in the rehearsal and recording studio’s. I had a “vision” of the sound that I wanted to use on the recordings, and I just “let it rip” in the end. The end result is right where I wanted it to be!

What do you hope listeners take away from these new songs?

GL: Merchandise!  Please…….”Take away” our merchandise and please buy the songs!

Is there a specific album that changed everything for you and inspired you to pursue music?

GL: For me personally, it was the bands Boston, Styx, Heart, Bryan Adams, Toto, and many, many others.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from the Toronto music scene?

GL: Do NOT take anything for granted in regards to the music scene!  When world events take charge of people’s live’s, their livlihood (and well-being) can (and will) be effected on a global scale, and not necessarily for the better!

Is there a new album coming soon?

GL: We hope to be back in the recording studio by late summer. Right now, it is a question of getting out again from quarantine to rehease, write, and stay healthy.  If we can do that soon, the sky is the limit!


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