Interview: Water Tower Inspires Fans To Take It “One Day At A Time”

Water Tower prepares to release lots of new sounds influenced by all kinds of music including Punk, Bluegrass, Cajun, Country, Folk, North Indian Classical Music. Today we speak about their journey and what’s coming up next:

Nice to have you today! Tell us about your road to success!

So happy to be here talking to you! Our road to success has been a wonderful learning experience and extreme journey/epic battle for life. We finally released an album that took us seven years to complete. Looking back on the process of the album, I wouldn’t change a thing because it helped me learn what true success really is for me. Real success is living in this moment and accepting that this present moment is the very best and most successful time of my life. In fact, as I write these words to you, I feel the success coursing through my fingers and striking the keys with assertive poise (tak tak bap tak bp bup bup tap tap SPACE). I live in the success of breathing in deep as I think of what your question brings up in my mind, and breathing out the success of the answer that flows out of me and into the cybersphere. Our road to success is paved with the appreciation for every moment of this life, and every breath. Tomorrow is not promised. Hoping is the same as postponing so we don’t hope for ANYTHING, we just work hard for luck to come our way. Luck is the combination of preparation and timing. I have spent my whole life preparing for this moment right here, and the timing was just perfect to receive the honor of getting to answer your thoughtful questions 🙂

If you could be in two places at one time, everyday…where would those places be?

In my subconscious and in my conscious mind, because then I could understand the world deeper, but my subconscious seems to emerge only in my dreams or when I write music under certain free association tactics.
no but really- LA and Santa Cruz because my parents/clan are up there and I am down here.

How do you get pumped up before a big event?

As a band we like to work out, meditate, drink a smoothie and then realize how lucky we are to have such spectacular opportunities in this life.

What is your mantra?

“one day at a time”


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  1. Water Tower Band are an inspiration and a beacon to any band starting out. Thy have passion, energy and commitmemt towards their music and thier fans. They work hard to be there for their fans in every moment.

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