Interview: Will Bug Keeps The Creativity Flowing Through Theatre

Singer-songwriter, actor, model, director Will Bug shares with us today the passion for theatre that keeps a flow of creativity going from project to project. Check out the interview down below:

We are stoked to have you today. Tell us about your fall season so far! What are you up to?

I recently have been working with this theatre company in NYC called Scawwy Howwow Theatre! The most recent project I worked on with them was this horror podcast called Untitled (Redacted). Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcast or several different platforms!

Any mantras before starting in your career so far?

“Be clear”. Haha. (This is applicable especially for directors, like myself) One should not be opinionated or stubborn, they should be able to collaborate. But one should also have a clear idea of what they want. It makes it so much easier for everyone. When one is indecisive or is afraid to speak up their own thoughts, the project usually goes the wrong way. Also be clear as in, I try to be as clear as possible when I give notes!

Biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a songwriter?

I used to be only able to write when I was inspired. But now I can pretty much find my ways to just keep writing when I absolutely have to!

How does social media enhance your career?

Sometimes people find me on social media or see me in other works and book me for projects.

Biggest plan for 2021? 

I might be releasing my first official single, “One More Life”, so stay tuned! Also, IF I get my O-1 Visa, I plan to continue working with Scawwy Howwow, hopefully putting plays on at live theaters in NYC. We are horror focused, but not horror limited. So I plan to get submissions of original works from various playwrights and direct them.

Which platforms are you most active on and how do our readers stay connected with you? Thank you! 

Follow me on IG @willbug_music for more info!

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