Interview: Xani Papi Releases His Newest Album THE UNITED STATES V. XANI PAPI

Xani Papi is moving to the beat of his own drum. After releasing a new album in 2020, his drive to release new music is inspiring and evident of his passion for his craft. Check out our interview on his newest album THE UNITED STATES V. XANI PAPI, the process of putting it all together and what’s coming up in the future:

Thank you so much for speaking with Music Trails!

Greetings and salutations on this jovial endeavor that we call life.

Tell us more about THE UNITED STATES V. XANI PAPI. What was the process like when you were putting together this album?

Issa bop of an album. I woke up one day and I was like, “fuck,” now I been doin’ it. Pretty much, I just show up, say it, and dip wit a new bitch. I gotta put my shit on “Do Not Disturb” cus my ex’s and next’s always been hittin’ me up.

The 9-track album has a variety of catchy experimental Hip Hop beats for everyone to enjoy. Which song of the album is your favorite and why?

Pretty much, like, for Xani Papi, there is no favorite song. Each ditty is an an expression of my imagination, like, one ain’t better than the other. They’re all my children that I love unconditionally.

What’s the story behind the album’s cover image?

It’s my mugshot.

You include a couple of skits throughout the album. What was your thought process when you decided to add these skits?

Issa concept album ‘bout the landmark court case, The United States v. Xani Papi, where America is takin’ my ass to court due to my lyrical content from my big debut EP, “Meteor,” sayin’ dat shit goes against the First Amendment. The skits are a comprehensive and succinct dialogue which accurately depicts a troubled young man standing up for his liberties during an adverse time in his life. “Da Hold Up” is ‘bout Xani Mami gettin’ some loot to bail my ass out of this fuckin’ case.

How did you first discover your interest for creating music?

One day I got off the wrong bus stop, heard 50 Cent playin’, and the rest be history. Couldn’t get that shit outta my head.

Do you use any specific tools/ synthesizers to create your music?

Well, when I first started, I did songs, on bio break, on the macbook speaker. Then, got the Gucci mic, the same shit Gucci used for my favorite song, “Chicken Talk,” then copped the same mic that Drake used for that “Best I Ever Had” shit. I make all the beats in my bed on FL Studio. Some were made on the bio break though.

Which artists have influenced your journey as an artist?

Kurt Cobain. Pretty much anyone who fucks, like throw the TV out the window type shit.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Xani Papi don’t do no features.

“Mail” is a highlight track for us. How do you come up with each song’s sound?

Well, I decided to compose a bop that really fucks in the key of C phrygian, with a parent key of A♭, to really accent that b2 scale tone, for which I am enamored with. With being a trap songsmith, it is important to emphasize that “villainous” tonal center to really capture the essence of the vibration; because of this, one might experience the phenomenon of musical frisson upon the body, which is what Xani Papi do. For example, in the popular 1988 video game, Super Mario Bros. 3, Bowser’s final battle theme really fucks in the key of E phrygian,  with a parent key of C, and induces this villainous trap atmosphere to the players. Now with trap music, the listeners have a sense of villainy with the way the 12 western musical notes fuck. Because of this, I decided to make a song like “Mail” to really allude to the video game “bad guy” tonal center upon the listeners of Xani Papi. With all other Xani Papi songs that are composed, I follow the same minor mode construct, except for the 9th track on the new album, “Limelight – Remix,” which is in the key of D ionian.

The lyrical content portrays a typical hedonistic lifestyle that Xani Papi exemplifies, such as twerk, fuck, pop, and vibe.

You just released THE UNITED STATES V. XANI PAPI, do you have any plans on releasing any new singles or albums this year?

Yezziurpp. Y’allready know what it is. I done already dropped 16 bops within the past 60 days, but goofys been wantin’ more. Xani Papi gotta slang gotti to the thotties, so I’m droppin’ some EDM remixes and a couple unplugged versions too. Might fuck around and drop a brand new album soon. Might fuck around and become a barista; I love my coffee. Maybe I’ll acquire a degree in pharmacology. Fuck, maybe I’ll marry a thicky-thick, settle down, start a family, build a house, start an ice-cream parlor on the coast of Cape Cod. Pretty much, Xani Papi wanna end his music career when he on top. But in all reality, it easy for me, I don’t really think much, I just be doin’ it. Depends on how I wake up.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?!

Yeah! Stay up and stay fuck! Always walk around with a book in your hand, and if you got an ass, shake it. And to all my fans, peace. You look good! Keep it up!

“Hard work, passion and dedication, paired with a good training plan. There’s no better recipe for success in this sport.”

-Chad Beyer

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