INTRODUCING: Break Fate – “Fog”

London based trio Break Fate share their passion for pop punk music bearing similarities to artists like Knuckle Puck, Chief State, Mallory Knox, Say Anything, and Coldplay.

Their latest single “Fog” aims to inspire listeneres to chase their dreams. They us their music to shed some much needed light on not letting the world stop you from believing in yourself and pushing towards positivity to overcome all the negativity.

“This means coming together as a community and giving eachother support in times of trouble. Because if you have a dream, there may be people out there who don’t believe in it, but there will be plenty more people out there who believe in you,” Break Fate said.

The trio Break Fate merged in 2017 by lead vocalist Mashana and lead guitarist Ricky as they focused on crafting their own musical sound filled with introspective lyrics and gushing guitar melodies. Oliver, the drummer, joined the band in 2018 to fill a void in their band.

“Fog”, a punchy joy ride of a track about overcoming your anxieties and self doubt. Whenever you’re in need of a pick-me-up or ned to overcome your anxieties and self doubt, press play on “Fog” and feel your worries fade away.

Stay tuned as Break Fate will be releasing their debut album on May 1. “Fog” is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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