INTRODUCING: Carla Elektra – “Feel Good”

Amplifying the sounds of Funk, House, Techno, and old soul musica into one, Carla Elektra, releases her debut single “Feel Good” for party-goers everywhere.

Brazilian DJ, Vocalist, and model Carla Elektra performs her fun, electrifying sounds internationally to crowds of people regularly. The music video for  “Feel Good” shows the smooth and sultry visuals popping with glitter and a sense of confidence.

“Feel Good” mixes an unforgettable range of musical genres into one for those nights when you need a little boost to go out and party. It starts off with a mellow beat that quickly transform into a beat dropping round of sounds that set the mood for a fun night.

Carla Elektra exemplifies having a good time and feeling good about ourselves with this single. Listen to this track when you need a boost as a quick motivator to get up and moving!


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