INTRODUCING: Chuy Boi – “7 Days A Week”

Hip-Hop/Rap artist Chuy Boi seeks to inspire his community to continue hustling for their dreams with his tenacious single, “7 Days A Week.” The uptempo single was released through his record label No BordersEmpire.

Filmed in the beautiful state of Florida, Chuy Boi attracts views with his non-stop hustle, dope instrumentals and beats, and heavy, relatable verses. Viewers of the “7 Days A Week” music video will be greeted by a variety of scenes including him performing at a luxurious car show, live concerts in front of enthusiastic supporters, and Chuy Boi interacting within his community.

Chuy Boi leads with the motivating anthem: “7 Days A Week/ I’m out straight grinding/ Getting this paper” throughout the chorus to let you know he’s grinding and getting the work done while haters sit there and watch him grow with success.

Listen to “7 Days A Week” now on all streaming platforms!


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