Daddylooksgood is one of the few Long Beach, California independent rappers making a mark on the music industry. With his newest release “Relentless,” the hustle never stops and he uses his contagious lyricism to inspire others to fight for their dreams.

27 year old rapper Daddylooksgood has racked up over 70,000 total views on Youtube with his catchy beats, entertaining vocals, and motivating lyrics.

“I’m exhausted/ Barely breathing/ Holding onto what I believe in,” the intro begins as he walks around the hood. The video also features images of family members and friends who he’s fighting for on a daily basis.

Apart from making music, he also runs his own clothing line and label, “Topshelf Airlines.” Everything he’s involved with is done with the idea of spreading love, inspiring others, and bringing good energy everywhere he goes. Although it’s not always easy, he approaches life with an open mind and a fight for success that’s unmatchable.

Check out “Relentless” for a dose of motivation. You won’t regret it!


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