INTRODUCING: Dead Money – “Learning Curve”

Las Vegas Indie Rock band, Dead Money, release a new reflective, booming single titled “Learning Curve.” The trio bring a fresh new sound to the Pop Punk scene that hasn’t seen anything yet as their exciting arrival delivers musical creations made for all music enthusiasts to enjoy.

“Learning Curve” sets the scene for a confrontational conversation about not being perfect for one person and the relationship ending terribly. In the end, it still becomes a lesson learned and something that we can avoid in the future. The beats of the enchanting drums, mind-blowing vocals, and unique production come together to create a single that should be played over and over again.

Sit back and turn up the volume on Dead Money’s groovy single full of powerful vocals, funky jams, and catchy vibes. Also, make sure to check out their live performances in the Las Vegas area right here!


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