INTRODUCING: Dominican Artist Altur Santos Shines In Debut Single “Baby Love”

Altur Santos, Dominican Reggaeton singer and songwriter from Dominican Republic, releases a romantic debut single  displaying how love between two people can grow through the years. “Baby Love” encompasses passion and childhood crushes while showing how easy going true love should be when you’ve found the right one.

The 26-year-old singer, saxophone player, and songwriter identifies with how important the use of positive uplifting music can be to someone working towards their dreams. Coming from a family of musicians, his mother’s musical inspiration grew on him as her admiration for the trumpet and singing encouraged him to start his music career by the age of 15.

“Baby Love” is the debut single that fans can find tangled in a catalog of authentic, mesmerizing covers Altur Santos has posted on his accounts. The passion and care placed into the song is enough to push listeners to continue showing love for others and following their dreams.

“I learned that no matter where you [are from], you just have to follow your dream,” Santos said.


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