Pop and Electronic artist, FALL or FLIGHT, keep up with their “aUTHENTIC” vibes in their new single available today. “aUTHENTIC” is their second single released featuring sounds mixed with Jazz wave, Hip Hop, and electronic instrumentation.

The single shares the story of the vocalist trying to beg their partner to stay in their struggling relationship. Emotions unwind and reveal themselves with the use of the solid sounds of Future House in the background.

FALL or FLIGHT also revealed a visualizer to accompany the single. Enjoy the fast paced beats along with graphics ready to keep the party going all night long. Although the message is about keeping away from an unstable relationship, staying “aUTHENTIC” to our beliefs will help us move forward alot faster.

Staying in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere won’t bring those uplifting vibes into our lives. Listen to the single down below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

Stay tuned for more releases from FALL or FLIGHT as their first few singles set the mood for the future. Make sure to stream “aUTHENTIC” on all streaming platforms.



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