INTRODUCING: Genove – “Fake Love”

Mariana Geraldine Frias, known by her stage name Genove, released her single “Fake Love” on SoundCloud back in 2018,  which has accumulated 30K plays since then.

The young singer/songwriter from Houston, TX details a failed relationship in “Fake Love” where she couldn’t hide her emotions no matter how hard she tried. Once they left her life, she realized that person didn’t have that strong of a hold on her as she thought and now she’s able to live as she wants. Simply put, she didn’t really need them in the first place.

Throughout the song, the memorable and intriguing background beats provided by danson music is the perfect combination of sounds that allows her voice to flourish against each distinct beat. The chorus “I’m tired of the fake love I’ve had enough, now, now/ Was it you and I? Me and you? (Woah, oh)” is the moment she has a breakthrough as her powerful vocals belt out the meaningful lyrics.

Make sure to follow Genove on INSTAGRAM and listen to”Fake Love” right here!


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