INTRODUCING: Ike Jackson Feat. Nessa Black – “Lit (EDM Remix)”

Ike Jackson links with Nessa Black on “Lit (EDM Remix),” a smooth remix created to keep everyone lit and moving along with each beat.

Experiementing with a EDM remix, their single was written by Nessa Black and produced by Ike Jackson. This is a completely new style for her as her mellow, R&B vocals have helped her leave her mark on any track she enters.

Together, they create a mixture of fun, amped up vibes in this six-minute track that keeps the party going all night long. Although the background beats seem to overpower her strong vocals, the well produced track comes together to start an entertaining and lively night.

Nessa Black is on the comeup with singles illustrating her perseverance and flourishing artistry as a musician. Her vocals shine in the “Lit (EDM Remix)” against the fired up, party beats hyping people up in the background. Make sure to check it out!

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