INTRODUCING: Invent – “Reason to Care”

Invent is quickly becoming one of the up and coming artists ready to take over 2020 with the release of “Reason to Care.”

This 24-year old is just getting started with fire beats and a natural sense of creative lyricism for the feelings he wants to describe through his music. The visuals share a telling story of being stuck in your own head and not being sure how to continue on with life while needing a “reason to care.”

Invent is smooth with his words as he showcases his storytelling capabilities and being able to connect with his audience. It’s no wonder he has a captivated online following showing support whenever possible.

You won’t want to miss the rise of Invent in 2020! Start off with blasting “Reason to Care” and check out his recengly released videos including a moody, solemly dark single, “Can’t Do This Anymore.”


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