INTRODUCING: James Millier – “Brand New Start”

Singer-songwriter James Millier is kicking off the year with the release of his newest electronic-rock single, “Brand New Start.”

At a very young age, UK-based artist James Millier has always had music running through his veins. Following his passion for music came at a moment where he realized he needed to pursue his passions before it was too late.

“Brand New Start” signals a brand new start in his life. After giving up a career he loved due to having foot surgery four times in the last ten years, he reflects back on the moments he loved and the feeling of being unsure of what’s next.

He leaves listeners with the message to stay strong and understand that it’s okay to be unsure, just take the first step.

The music video for “Brand New Start” brings a sense of nostalgia as he walks through the open air in search of what he’s missing. The beautiful landscapes, positive lyricism, and glowing smile as he sings is inspiring. It brings a sense of comfort knowing everything will be okay in the end.


Now in 2020, Millier has more songs under his sleeve to release to the public. Follow him on his journey of self discovery as he fuels his brand new start in life.  


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