INTRODUCING: Josue Thesis – “Fly High”

Venezuelan artist Josue Thesis speaks about missing someone special in his life while also hoping they stay his little angel protecting him from above in his newest single, “Fly High.”

“There comes a moment in life where you realize that the only person responsible for not reaching your dreams is yourself! So that day I took my guitar again and I started to write and sing no matter if someone is going to hear it or not,” speaks of the moment he realized he needed to continue making music.

“Fly High” is dedicated to Josue Thesis’ nephew who passed away in a car crash about three years ago. The soft-Rock sounds in the single come together with the sentimental lyrics about losing him. The lyrics will hit most with people who have lost someone in their lives yet continue to believe that they’re protecting them every single day.

He hopes his music reaches everyone he cares about and listeners worldwide can feel the emotions he felt as he wrote the song.

“I write my music from the bottom of my heart and I hope it comes to yours!” Josue Thesis emphasizes.


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