Introducing: Mia Stegner Turns The “Scribbles” From Her Life Into A Delightful New Single Off Her Upcoming Album

Mia Stegner is a singer, songwriter and storyteller navigating the hidden depths of her inner reality. Previous albums Painting The Bathroom Green and Indebted to Blue chronicle the path to discovering who she is on a deeper level as she discusses mental health and finding comfort in her own solitude.

The upcoming single “Scribbles” is the first release off of her forthcoming album Scribbled Pleas on Yellowed Keys including 12 new songs depicting how she’s been able to turn the chaotic stories in her life into coherent songs filled with hope and anticipation of what’s coming up next. She’s released a preview on TIKTOK, which has quickly gained over 98,000 views with a multitude of supportive comments inspiring others to listen to the single once its on all streaming platforms on January 7.


The tempo should be like halved lol ? anyway here is another song I have written #originalsong #music #singersongwriter #song #anxiety #idk

♬ mia stegner scribbles – Mia Stegner

Its particular flow of strings were arranged and recorded by Jimmy Montague, who also did the mixing and mastering. She includes her soulful, tranquil vocals quickly taking us into an unexpected world as we hear her vocal range swiftly change amidst the layered instrumentals. This is one of those songs you need to hear to truly understand its peculiarly engaging vibe.

Find “Scribbles” on Scribbled Pleas on Yellowed Keys this upcoming January 7th!


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