As a celebration of friendship & mutual love for music, N2BLU dedicate their newest single “DANCE (DJ C.A.)” to the loss of a fellow DJ and friend.

“We dedicate this song to the memory of Chris Allen Mason (DJ C.A.). Chris was one of my best friends, a fantastic DJ, and one of the reasons I am still making music today,” lead singer and songwriter Jonathan Arceneaux said. “His catchphrase, “Life may not always be the party you had hoped for, but while you’re here, you might as well dance!” is what this song is all about.”

The official lyric video shows his catchphrase in full motion as the colorful graphics come into place with their sentimental words. The New Orleans-based duo hopes to inspire listeners to dance more, enjoy every second of their lives, and live without any expectations.

Doing so can bring more happiness than ever imagined. Make sure to listen to “DANCE (DJ C.A.)” and share it today with someone you care about!




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