INTRODUCING: Paisley Park – “Hey Lady”

Paisley Park is a South Wales-based band ready to hit the ground running with their newest single, “Hey Lady.” Their hard-hitting riffs, catchy chorus and melodic tunes show off the best of their musical skills that first time listeners will want to replay over and over again.

Writing about their life experiences is an important part of Paisley Park’s songwriting process, which includes stories about their upbringing, people they’ve met and the places they’ve visited.

As they constantly try to improve their sound and lyricism, “Hey Lady” is just one of those songs thast just happened to come about the right time. The newest single is relatable as they speak to lady in their lives while rocking a cool guitar solo.

The four-piece band brings nothing but good vibes to any location they play, which they’re hopeful new and returning fans can see that. Check out the rest of their discography for a great time!


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