Introducing: Quinten Tyvon Captures The Essence of The 90s & Early 2000s In “One More Time”

Quinten Tyvon is an artist with a strong focus on creating music that blurs the lines between pop, R&B, and funk.

“One More Time” is the title of his most recent studio release, a project that stands out as a spot-on introduction to Quinten Tyvon’s talent and creative vision. His vocals in particular have a lot of character, giving the song a more personal edge and setting the bar higher with an arrangement that drives the music, rather than trying too hard to embellish every single moment with useless frills in the track’s structure.

Congratulations on the release of “One More Time”! You set out to capture the essence of the 90s and the early 2000s with this release – where did you find the most inspiration for this one?

With this release, I wanted something somewhat different from my past releases, still me but different. Having a deep appreciation for 90’s R&B, funk and pop I wanted a project that embodied many of those elements. I just wanted it to be groovy! 

How involved were you in the process of the entire release?

 I was heavily involved with this track, although I did work with other incredibly talented creatives to bring what you hear to the world, I had a hand in the overall sound that you hear.

Which artists would you say you have the strongest comparison to in the
Pop, R&B, and Funk genres?

Haha, great question! I’m not for certain but I’ve been told Freddy Jackson, John Legend, Avery Wilson, and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.

“One More Time” is more than plain old entertainment. In line with some of the hottest and most timeless R&B numbers, this excellent work from Quinten is going to make you feel incredibly connected to the artist’s personable blend of musical storytelling. The sound of “One More Time” feels like a blend of old-school vibes and contemporary elements. On one hand, Quinten set out to capture the magic of the golden age of the genre (Think the 90s or the early 2000s). On the other, the sound offers that pristine clarity and crisp focus that most people have come to expect from some of the absolute best in terms of modern pop and R&B.

This beautiful new release highlights the artist’s connections with the root of the genre, while also staying true to his diverse creative range. More importantly, Quinten’s voice will reach deep into the heart and soul of the audience. His musicality is very intuitive, and it feels like his vocals soar through the mix easily, cutting through the instruments without ever overpowering the balance for the arrangement. The many harmonies and additional vocal parts also add some extra sauce, making the mix all the more palatable and catchy.

One of the things that makes this song stand out is the consistency in the quality of the audio engineering on the track. The recording is just incredible, and there is something truly special about how the entire release unfolds, allowing all of the elements to find their balance in a very organic and seamless way. Any true R&B fan will love this. However, the music will also appeal to the casual pop fan as well.

Is there any part of the music business that you’d like to gain more knowledge in and how do you see that being beneficial for your success as an artist?

I’d like to just continue learning about the business in general, as you know it’s a very complex business and not one shoe fits all so continuous learning in all regards is somewhat imperative. 

Now that “One More Time” is available to the public, what has been your favorite/memorable reactions so far?

I’m just super excited for it to be out and in the universe, I’m sure there’ll be some pretty exciting and memorable moments pertaining to it to come. 

How has the creation of this single release inspired you as you move forward toward your next goals?

 I’m inspired to continue to create and bring those that listen to me and support my art, me! I aim to continue to grow as an artist and look forward to sharing my next project with the world.

Find out more about Quinten Tyvon down belowand listen to “One More Time” everywhere, which is currently available on all digital streaming platforms:


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