SK unites with Executive Producer Ike Jackson in his newest single “Cash Out” from the original motion picture soundtrack Stepbrother.

The short 2-minute single signals his motivation to succeed and bring in more cash in his life. He’s hustling to keep up with the rap game in New York and beating his competitors.

Lyrically, he’s hitting all the right bars with drops drawing similarities to rappers like Eminem, Rick Ross and Future. SK uniquely keeps listeners on his radar as he raps to the mic and leaves it all on the table.

The hyped up single lays out his determination to succeed and will inspire listeners to keep on hustling too! Make sure to listen and pay attention as he’s about to blow up in the music industry in 2020!

Stay tuned for SK on the movie soundtrack Stepbrother coming out this Summer! For now, enjoy the single “Cash Out.”


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