INTRODUCING: Teddy Jackson – “Pretty Runaways”


New Zealand native, Teddy Jackson, makes his debut with his first self-produced single, “Pretty Runaways.” The track is accompanied with a dreamy music video shot on a road trip to Burning Man from Los Angeles to Nevada.

The video itself is a true representation of a laid-back Californian culture with the fascination of the state of California being the place where dreams come true. Teddy Jackson speaks of the sparks he felt with a special someone before their exhilirating road trip.

With a unique blend of Pop and R&B, Teddy Jackson utilizes the incredible landscapes along their journey to illustrate their potential in “Pretty Runaways.” Kaleidoscopic views that will take anyone’s breath away embrace the laidback Hip Hop beats playing in the background.

The video is truly a lighthearted single that fans of Frank Ocean, Col3trane, and Zack Villere will find relatable and enchanting.

Stay tuned for future releases from your new favorite upcoming artist, Teddy Jackson!



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