INTRODUCING: TuskHead – “The Whiskey”

Netherlands musician, TuskHead, understands the power of the end of the week and how a glass of Whiskey can instantly make anyone feel better. In his new single, “The Whiskey,” he embraces going to the bar on a Friday night to let loose in this uplifting and intoxicating song.

Born as Patrick van Zandwijk in The Netherlands, TuskHead has become a brilliant songwriter, performer, instrumentalist, and vocalist. The journey to becoming TuskHead is an interesting one. After mainly focusing on instrumental music with the artist name Sandwick, he decided to change the name to TuskHead as he moved to creating Rock and Folk music.

“The Whiskey” is truly a fun single with instrumental sounds perfect for a night out!

Expect more electrifying singles from TuskHead in 2020 as he steps up his game with his newfound desire to share more Rock, Country and Folk music. Listen to “The Whiskey” on all streaming platforms right HERE!


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