Introducing: Windfread Finds Comfort In Not Feeling “Too Comfortable”

Self-Producing artist Windfread takes things slow in a new relationship to avoid being “Too Comfortable” as they come closer together. The single instantly establishes how he feels, which is something many listeners will be able to take to heart and remember a time when they found themselves in a similar situation.

“Too Comfortable” places Windfread in that vulnerable position where he’s very interested in a girl he’s unsure feels the same way as strongly as he does. “I know it really seems like I’m missing the cues/ but I’m really getting tired of being misused” he sings along with the layered piano and lo-fi inspired instrumentals meshing perfectly with his impressionably soothing vocals.

Inspired by his musical upbringing and influential artists such as Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Babyface, and Charlie Puth, his experimental productions in R&B, Trap and Rap led to the pursuit of the Pop genre. Sharing his own music with recollections of his life experiences turned into solid single and album releases connects him with listeners across the country. “Too Comfortable” is another one of his sentimental stories converted into a memorable piece that will resonate easily with the heartbroken,those falling in love and those anticipating a newfound love in their lives.

Windfread expresses his appreciation for all listeners who give his music a chance. “I will always strive to make an experience for you in each and every project. Through whatever you may be feeling, reach out to me, I’m sure we could change the world together!”


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