Ione Embraces Change With The Sentimental EP “The Tide is Changing”

“Calling it ‘The Tide is Changing” feels like a commitment to myself & my music so The Tide is Changing because I am changing. And it feels exciting to not know what’s next but to believe it is good.”

Ione brings to life the heartbreaking moments of being stuck in a suffocating situation where she sees no end. Fused together in a throwback R&B soundscape with sleek production and relatable themes at the center of the EP The Tide is Changing, she finds herself in an enlightened moment realizing she deserves more in life, taking her power back from everything. Following her head and not her heart, “The Tide is Changing” candidly reveals the painful ending signifying a new beginning with a heart-thumping instrumental completely defining her powerful vocal range.

The dreamy R&B piece “Loved By You” dives deeper into the importance of having self-love and also exploring her hidden feelings as she expresses how vulnerability doesn’t have to be a weakness. She integrates her love for pop and a chill 90’s Techno-R&B vibe with catchy songwriting and a strong vocal presence making listeners ask for more. The single has previously gained massive support from BBC Introducing and Radio 1.

“I don’t wanna be left alone baby, all because you can’t swim out into depths unknown”

Sinking into those feelings of wanting what you can’t have, Ione celebrates this feeling of empowerment with a sultry sound asking for a chance from that special person in her life. The creative soundscape creates a cinematic experience from the very beginning as she continues to put in a romantic feel to the once in a lifetime scenario.

“I bet you wanna be my baby, I bet you wanna run away with me”

The UK-based singer and songwriter chronicles the journey of fully coming into her power, beginning with the  It was through classical vocal training and live performances she began to share her gift of music with the world. Stream Ione’s newest EP The Tide is Changing everywhere.


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