Izzo Chen – “Van Persie”

Rapper and producer Izzo Chen shares the debut of his latest track “Van Persie,” displaying his appreciation for varying sounds through his personal preference of combining two different tones in his music. As the first single release available at the moment, listeners get to get a feel for his sound including a higher and lower basis before he releases new music.

The New Zealand based rapper and producer is on the road to making music that feels like him again after a short hiatus from music. “Van Persie” is just the beginning and he’s making sure to bring everyone along for the ride of a lifetime.

The single begins with a fast-paced range of instrumentals with hyped up vocals describing a the chance to let loose and enjoy the night away with his friends. As the song progresses, listeners hear the range of vocals and instrumentals flowing alongside each other to create a amped up track that fits in at any club or gathering.

His new single “Van Persie” is paving his own path in the industry with a feel-good vibe that fills the home with its fast paced beats and laidback lyricism.

Stay tuned for more releases from Izzo Chen coming soon!

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