J-Carter – “Own Your Skin Tone”

New Jersey rapper J-Carter brings his own style to the rap game with uplifting, enlightening lyrical melodies as heard in his latest release, “Own Your Skin Tone.”

“This is for ALL my women who feels like who they are and what they are isn’t enough for society and are being judged by their outward appearance instead of who they are as people,” kindly states J-Carter about his new single.

The music video shows a glamorous woman out in nature fully expressing herself and what makes her uniquely beautiful to this world. The gentle stream of water appearing alongside her confident aura sets the tone for a tender, freeing vibe that accompanies his soothing vocals that makes listeners believe every word he raps.

The vibrant visuals, feet-moving beats and heartwarming lyrics make J-Carter stand out as a rapper to watch out for in the following year, with the “Own Your Skin Tone” music video garnering over 29,000 views so far!

Pre-save his upcoming album Hip-Hop Til I Die right HERE! As the cover suggests, listeners will be hit with his views on creativity, lyricism, realness and integrity. Whether you choose to agree with him or not, take a chance and vibe out to the smooth verses coming from J-Carter.


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