Jaea Releases Confident & Inspiring Self-Titled Debut EP

Singer-songwriter Jaea takes inspiration from the 90s music scene and her personal love for R&B ballads to release music flowing heavily within the R&B genre while merging others such as Rock, Soul, Pop, and Hip Hop. Her debut EP Jaea integrates a deep, passionate love for music as well as a strong versatility in her sound.

She has ingrained the importance of connecting with her audience on a deeper level with every song she releases, taking notice of how her first solo project this past September of 2020, “Bad Bitch,” quickly became a favorite with her listeners. After having her music previously featured on networks such as E!, and on MTV’s The Real World, she continues to rebrand herself with this new 6-track EP serving as a glimpse of the kind of stories expected as Jaea lets us into her life through her relatable lyricism and distinctive sound keeping her on our radar.

The introductory single “Get Up” features an inspired Latin pop rhythm inspiring listeners to have a fun time on the dance floor together. Its upbeat energy makes this the kind of song to play while getting ready to go out and gives a quick preview of what’s to come in the rest of the EP. “Musiq” is a powerful R&B ballad confessing to the emotional turmoil of feeling stuck between two people. The slow-tempo shares a catchy lyricism finding a home within the dreamlike, hazy synths flowing in the background. “I Want More” expresses her newfound confidence in defining what she wants out of a non-exclusive relationship. The sultriness in her voice draws us into the yearnful vibe created as she contemplates the painful situation creating a refreshing performance filled with a captivating soundscape.

“Own” includes similarities in vocals to Christina Aguilera as she sings about taking her power back from unexpected situations. Being on her own has shown her the amount of strength that was hidden inside of her all along. The guitar-driven single allows her voice to filtrate our minds as we take in every inspiring word she shares about keeping the strength regardless of what’s going on. She powerfully takes her power back as we know she would! The confidence-ridden “Bad Bitch” owns being a bad bitch and knowing you have the power to go after what you want. Jaea breaks out of that “good girl” image with a recognizable hook in hand that gets listeners singing along and feeling the same self-assured energy in their lives. She shares, “Instead of caring about what others thought, I did what I wanted for a change.”

“On My Way” closes out an EP filled with pure confidence depicting the ability to come out of situations stronger than could’ve imagined. She shares the desire to fight for her dreams with the support of the people around her. She’s letting the world know to get ready cause she’s here to stay.

Jaea presents Jaea fully in her element celebrating what makes her life what it is full of unexpected turns, new revelations, and full-blown self-confidence. She distinctively sets herself apart with this EP recognizing the changes she’s experienced and sharing them with the world. Show Jaea some love on all streaming platforms!


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