Jairo Shares Personal Struggle With Mental Health In “Green Pills”

Indie Pop musician Jairo releases his second single “Green Pills” serving as a way of putting his thoughts on mental health together into a coherent song that will be relatable for his listeners.

As the second single of Jairo’s upcoming recording project, “Green Pills” explores his personal struggles with mental health by capturing his state of mind and symptoms in real-time rather than a retroactively optimistic perspective. The song aims to raise awareness of mental health by offering a firsthand account and showing how the innate gloom of these disorders can make recovery almost seem impossible to the ones affected by them.

Describing it as his official “sad bop,” donations from the single’s pre-save will be donated in support of The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. “Green Pills” follows the releases of “Intoxicated” and his debut EP Cautionary Tales in 2018Follow Jairo’s journey online!


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