James Millier – “Discover New Memories Together”

UK based singer/songwriter James Millier merges together an addictive range of differing music genres from Folk to Rock to Pop. “Discover New Memories Together” is a personal confession of wanting to share many exciting moments with someone in his life.

This single includes an uplifting vibe that everyone can relate with and share with that special person in their lives. Written during the lockdown period, he turns his reminiscing thoughts into a romantic confession on how he feels about a situation.   The somber lyrics come together with a simple instrumentation in the background that allow his empathetic and gloomy vocals to shine.

“As I walk down this empty lane/ I cannot help but think/ Wonder what it’s like/ To be without each other… Is there a chance for us/ To reminisce those summer nights/ And discover new memories together?” he sings sincerely questions himself and the diminishing connection.

Speaking on the release, James Millier said “When I was writing this song we were in that lockdown time bubble and I was reflecting on ways to bring hope that we could all be discovering new memories together some time soon.”

Enjoy this fun and engaging fusion of sounds found only in James Millier’s music! 2020 is going to be a big year for this talented musician!


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