Jeremy Keianté Reclaims His Childlike Imagination in “Wonder”

Jeremy Keianté was born and raised in Mississippi, making dreamy pop-punk songs. A self-taught singer, Jeremy’s initial inspiration to make music came from his desire to express himself. With a rush of emotions in his schoolboy years, Jeremy began teaching himself how to play the acoustic guitar on YouTube, studied the music of his favorites like Coldplay and Taylor Swift, and began writing about his life. Jeremy became enchanted with putting his thoughts in lyrics that what once was pages and pages of notes became his escape.

In the summer of 2021, Jeremy released ’Trending,” which was met with much critical claim; reaching thousands of streams, being added to over 150 user-curated playlists, and garnering attuning of highly sought-after music blogs like Pitchfork Music.

Recording music in AirBNBs across the U.S., his tracks are emotive and rich, expressing moments the only way he knows how.

Jeremy wants others to resonate with his music. He makes music you can drive down Pacific Coast Highway to or scream into your pillow. A fresh pop-punk up-and-comer, Jeremy Keianté is a name you want to remember.

His new track is ‘Wonder’ will release on June 23 and the track’s innocent indie-pop sound is him using his imagination to try as hard as he can to reclaim his childlike wonder. With its propulsive rhythm, expansive soundscape, and soothing, nostalgic vocals, it serves as solace for him to disappear into his world of charming memories.


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