Joe Hodgson – “The One That Got Away”

Northern Irish rock guitarist Joe Hodgson delivers a stripped back, moving instrumental track, ‘The One That Got Away’, that will appear on his much anticipated debut solo album, Apparitions.

The inspiration for ‘The One That Got Away’ comes from the sudden break up of a long term relationship, leading Hodgson to not only speak from his heart, but also through his guitar. In the track he evokes every emotion from both the good and bad times, rawly expressing the overriding feelings of loss, regret and longing that consumed him during this period of his life.

This new single will not only resonate with guitar aficionados, but also with the everyday person on the street who enjoys listening to music! He combines an addictive combination of mysterious harmonies and aching leads musically displaying his skillful capabilities to tell stories with his guitar.

Hodgson spent two decades in London writing, recording, touring, and honing his lead guitar skills in various bands, while also pursuing his own personal projects. The influence of Irish blues rock legends Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore was never too far away, but through the years he found himself incorporating elements of funk, jazz, and experimental music into his sound, all of which go to make up his unique and very personalized guitar style.

His debut album, Apparitions, which is set for release on November 20th, was largely written and recorded during an intensely difficult period, while he was nursing his terminally ill mother in the last year of her life. As a result, it is the kind of soul searching record that ignites inspiration and love, and is filled with influences not only from Hodgson’s personal experiences, but also from his love of literature and his deep curiosity about the human condition.

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“It was soul destroying to see the person I loved most in the world just wither away in front of my eyes, and it had a profound effect on me and my music. The break up of my relationship shortly after, really was the proverbial double whammy, but playing guitar proved to be my saviour. It was incredibly cathartic and it saw me through some dark and difficult times,” Joe Hodgson said.

“The One That Got Away” is just an introduction to the captivating melodies, the fast and furious guitars that flow through his songs, and the triumphant storylines based on his life and views on the world. Don’t expect a melancholic or overly sentimental album though, ‘Apparitions’ is much more than that. It’s an expression of Hodgson’s deepest feelings and desires, with minimalistic soundscapes led gloriously by his guitar.

There are hints of the album’s main theme on the album cover which Joe explains, “It’s about how nothing ever stays the same, everything changes or decays; lives are lived, and love is lost, but looking forward is the one thing we can all do. Yes, we may have regrets, but hope and optimism are usually only around the next corner”.

Look out for “The One That Got Away,” which will be available on Friday, August 28th and don’t forget to follow Joe Hodgson online to find intriguing teasers on these exciting new upcoming releases:


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